Veslařský klub Blesk

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Veslařský klub Blesk

The history of Blesk is actually the history of rowing in Bohemia. A team of rowers around Karel Bohuš Kober, a Prague bookseller, publisher and enthusiastic sportsman, made a voyage to Hamburg in 1876. After taking part in a local regatta and returning to Prague, the flag of Blesk was hoisted, which has been the club´s flag to this day. In 1909, Blesk moved to Podolí, and, in the 1950s, a shipyard was built on the Rowing Island. The club’s greatest achievement is the bronze medal at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics for an eight-rowing boat with this club members´ crew. Today, Blesk is the most successful rowing club in the Czech Republic and focuses mainly on working with young people.


Veslařský ostrov 62, tram and bus station Kublov

Capacity: 30
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: yes



will be reading from Skin Deep by Javier Moro (transl. Marie Jungmannová / Ikar 2017)

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