Duncan Centre

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Duncan Centre

The Duncan Centre Conservatory is the only state-run dance conservatory in the Czech Republic that focuses on contemporary dance. Until 1992, when the conservatory was founded by Eva Blažíčková, professional education in contemporary dance and dance theatre was not part of the Ministry of Education´s education system. Its syllabus content, teaching methods, and school philosophy continuously develop the legacy of Isadora Duncan, the American dancer, and her Czech successor, Jarmila Jeřábková, and enrich it with contemporary dance style in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Branická 41tram and bus stop Přístaviště


Capacity: 45
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: yes

©Lenka Hatašová, divadlo Studio Dva


will be reading from Queen of the Mountains by Daniel Wisser (transl. Magdalena Štulcová / Archa 2021)

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