Kavárna Korkorán

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Kavárna Korkorán

The site of the former Vršovice Waterworks is located near the railway bridge in Vltavanů Street. The buildings of the waterworks complex were built in 1907 according to the design of Jan Kotěra, a famous Czech architect. From the large waterworks, water was pressured upwards to the water reservoir in Michle, and from there it flowed to the distant Vršovice district. After the reconstruction in 2011, the entire leisure time area with a rope centre, which is the largest in Europe in terms of its towers´ size and height, was opened to the public. The complex includes children’s playgrounds, the Vodníček Preschool Centre, a new daily open restaurant, and Korkorán, a café with a game room and a large summer terrace.


Vltavanů 229, tram and bus station Nádraží Braník



Capacity: 40

WC: yes

Barrier-free access: no

©Lenka Hatašová, divadlo Studio DVA


will be reading from There Is None, Nor Let There Be by Edina Szvoren (transl. Robert Svoboda / Bourdon 2021)

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