Keramika Maříž

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Keramika Maříž

Maříž is a village in the former border area of Bohemia, Moravia, and Austria. The original ceramics studio Maříž was founded in 1991 by Kryštof Trubáček, an academic painter. At the beginning, his vision was to save the displaced village and to create a harmonious sustainable environment for creative artists in natural surroundings. The Braník painting on ceramics workshop, including an original Maříž ceramics shop and a café, offers the opportunity to become a creator of your own unique works using the technology of professional artists and real ceramic glazes.


Ke Krči 17, tram and bus station Přístaviště


Capacity: 25
WC: no
Barrier-free access: yes, with minor restrictions



will be reading from So-It-Is by Taras Prochasko (transl. Jekaterina Gazukina, Alexandra Vojtíšková, Tereza Chlaňová, Marie Iljašenko, Rita Kindlerová, Miroslav Tomek / Pavel Mervart 2021)

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