Divadlo Bravo!

Literature Night 2021 / Prague / Divadlo Bravo!

Braník Theatre is a cultural venue built by local citizens from their own funds. The relief on the building´s gable is the work of sculptor Rudolf Březa. The first performance, Our Swaggerers, took place there in August 1925. Today’s Theatre BRAVO! is also called the Theatre of New Circus and Pantomime. It is the home of the Losers Cirque Company, a theatre company specialising in new circus. In addition to full-length performances, the theatre offers a varied programme in collaboration with guest companies, and it runs its own film club, Bio BRAVO!


Branická 63, tram and bus stop Pobřežní cesta


Capacity: 40
WC: yes
Barrier-free access: yes

©Martin Svoboda


will be reading from Mr. A’s Latest Book by Alherd Bacherevič (transl. Sjarhej Smatryčenka)

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