Sara Stridsberg




What is it like to witness your own death? And how do you come to terms with the fact that the world goes on spinning without you? A literary fantasy based on a real murder case that shook the whole of Sweden at the time. The main character is killed, her body dismembered and dumped in suitcases around Stockholm. The victim watches “from above” as her parents search for her until her identity is proven. She sees the lives her children lead. She sees everything until someone on the earth says her name for the last time. It is a great existential drama about absolute vulnerability, separation, and motherly love. About what is left when everything else is gone. About unexpected love, tenderness, and light in complete darkness.

Published by Kniha Zlín, 2020


Romana Švachová


©Caroline Andersson-Renaud

Sara Stridsberg (* 1978) is one of Sweden’s most prominent contemporary writers and playwrights. Her books are very readable and are written in a high-level style. On top of that, they are full of tension stemming from the thin line between beauty and ugliness, fragility and brutality, longing and despair, life and death. She has published five novels and a number of plays, some of which have been translated into English. She has won prestigious literary awards, including the Prix Femina (2017) and the Nordic Council Literature Prize (2007).


Video by Michal Koška