Denisa Fulmeková




In 1939, Albert Mráz, a lawyer, found an article from Gardista, a pro-regime newspaper. An anonymous author wrote about a baptised Jewish lawyer who had changed his name to Mráz in order to continue to get rich at the expense of Slovaks. Mráz immediately understood that this was the beginning of a hunt for his family. His secure home, his thriving law firm, and  his everyday routine – all these were suddenly shattered. Fighting for survival began. Inspired by real events, the author vividly captured the situation in the then fascist Slovak state, where the authorities actively organized transports to concentration camps.

Published by Slovart, 2018


©Tatiana Buzeková

Denisa Fulmeková (* 1967) is a Slovak novelist and journalist. After studying journalism, she worked as an editor at several periodicals and from 1997-2005 as editor-in-chief of Orientation (Orientácia), an esoteric bi-monthly. She made her debut under the pseudonym Mina Murray in 2001 with a short story collection called So what now? (Tak čo teda?). She is the author of a collection of poetry and a number of novels. The most recent one, Doctor Frost, was also published in Czech (2020).


Video by Vojtěch Dressler.