Ana Teresa Pereira




One morning, a young painter wakes up in an unknown house among strangers who treat her as if she had always lived there. They call her Karen, giving the impression that she is suffering from temporary memory loss after a mysterious accident at a waterfall. The painter only recalls that she set off from London by train to get inspiration for her work; however, she remembers the waterfall. She discovers her role in her new environment and settles in. Step by step, she begins to submit to the identity of Karen, just a few months younger. She subtly drifts away from her supposed original self until her original life begins to fade away. But the question is whether there was any other life before…

Published by Triáda, 2021


Anna Tietzová


©Carlos Lopes

Ana Teresa Pereira (born 1958) is one of the best-known authors of Portuguese Islands today. She comes from Funchal, the Madeiran capital, where she lives. Her main focus is on the genre of fantasy, but her prose also contains elements of detective fiction, romance fiction, and  western fiction. She came to the attention of literary critics as early as in 1989, but became most famous with her 2016 novel Karen.


Video by Filip Jiruš.